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The nature of my thesis is to show how 3D Modelling is used to create the environment for Virtual Reality. I am using the example of a training program designed to introduce Earth to life on a new planet. The following explains the story behind my thesis. 


My thesis takes the idea into the future when humans can travel further into space and discover many more unknown planets and civilizations. The era when there is more use in hyper virtual reality than ever before. It is the transformation of the old to the new technology in the new era. Human beings use the combination of future technology and organic life forms on Earth to create their spaceships to travel through millions of light-years to the new planet. Virtual reality is the vital tool that captures real- world content and brings that content to communicate and bring the knowledge of the new world to Earth. It’s not used only to assist astronauts in training for space, but it can also help the civilians to get in touch with the new world. 

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