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Image : Ringling College of Art and Design

From Concept to Customer – Ringling College Students Design Pet Toys Sold Locally at DOGPerfect



"The project was run through Ringling College’s Collaboratory, a partnership between Ringling College and the Patterson Foundation through which the College is able to guarantee every student the opportunity to work on a real-world project with a real-world client before graduation". […]


Work Experience

Ringling College Students Design Dog Toys For Local Pet Retail Store


“I wanted to create a design that was functional and appealing to the customer’s eye,” says Malaspina. “I sketched my platypus design and the manufacturers helped make it come to life.” Her toy, the tender-tuffs “Platypup,” is a 24-inch multifunctional toy with a squeaker in the tail and head. ". […]


Concept Art

Platypus _ Design Sheet

This design was created for the Dog Toy Design Competition project from SmartPetLove Company in November, 2019. I had such a blast creating this project before my graduation!  After thorough researching and collecting references, I decided to design a toy that can play tug of war to maximized the playtime with your pet. A good design does not only consist of looking appealing in the consumer's eyes but also functional as well. Keep that in mind, I chose platypus with the distinguished appearance that will support my concept. I started to rough sketch and moved on to finalize the design in orthographic view to make sure everything made sense before handed it over to the production team. The final design sheet was done in Adobe Illustrator. It was an exciting experience to see your 2D work transform to a product that you can hold in your hand! I learned much during the process and I can't wait to do it again!!

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